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Lunar Rainbow and Full Moon Bungy Jumping @ the Victoria Falls.

Posted by in Photography | July 08, 2012

At the beginning of July 2012 the Vic Falls Bungy company decided to do a first! Full Moon Bungy. Not too be missed. A visit with an DSLR produced the selection of images found below, these are some of our favourites. A willing and patient Adrienne Jarabek helped out with the above ‘Sense of place’ shot, standing completely still on the knife edge bridge for a long exposure. With constant spray from the falls hindering this shoot and Adrienne. In the end we were pretty happy with the results. See ‘Sense of Place’ above.

Full Moon Bungy activity on the Victoria Falls Road Bridge July 2012

The image above was taken from within the Mosi ou Tunya National Park in Zambia this pic was for us the ‘Money Shot’. The red streak of light is an actual Bungy jumper leaving a streak of light from their torch as they fell and rebounded. A 25 second exposure helped illuminate the beautiful Batoka Gorge and Zambezi River.

The famous Lunar Rainbow Victoria Falls Zambia. Image taken from the Eastern Cataract View point. Note the Vic Falls road bridge in the top left of the picture. Still at the time we shot this image the bungy activities were still operating. A 25 second exposure produced this stunning image of a wonderful moment on the Zambezi River, Zambia.

The image above looks deep into the cataracts. This shot illustartes the Eastern Cataracts in their full glory. A 20 Second exposure produced this smooth and silky image.

Above, a rare moment where the spray from the eastern cataracts cleared enabling us to get this great shot of the lush vegetation and beautiful falls.

Finally an unusual view of the Eastern Cataracts thru the lush foliage. Thanks to Adrienne Jarabek for the company and for supplying the cigars.

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